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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The problem with "paths"

Life is a mystery to be solved. There is no path that you can follow that has been carved out by people who have gone before you. If there were a prescribed path you could follow in order to solve a mystery, it wouldn't be a mystery, because it would have already been solved.

I mean, I am not talking about people that are just dumb asses. Lots of things are a mystery to Dumb asses. I am talking about things that are a mystery to everyone. True Mysteries. No one knows the answer to these things. So no one can give you directions.

The only value I see organized religion as having is, for use in, lateral thinking. I am sure some atheistic types/Scientific Materialists would disagree. I think religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, even Christianity contain kernals of truth. I think you can combine these kernals, with information from scientific research and come up with solutions to problems.

This is not the purpose of "religious paths." These paths were created not to solve problems, but rather to obfuscate. They are not intended to enlighten people, but to pacify and infantilize them in order to render them harmless and ineffective.

Buddhism and Hinduism in its various forms, Christianity, are religions created by Priests. The Institution of the Priesthood has a long and nefarious history. Its from ancient caste systems, that have their origin in bloody conquest and slavery and oppression.

Civilizations, Empires are founded in order to serve the interests of Elites. Its not a conspiracy, its the structure of civilization, its just that this structure is protected with a veil of lies built up over thousands of years.

As Spiritual beings, people have a tendency towards spirituality. I would define Spirituality as a search into the mysteries and subtle energies of Life. Its an inquisitiveness. In the mass of humanity this represents a powerful form of energy. In its raw form Its just THERE. Its a force to be reckoned with. Like any untamed powerful force it has the potential to be destructive, especially to the powers that be and the status quo. Elites don't want revolution. No one with entrenched power wants revolutionary change.

So this is where the institution of the Priesthood comes in. Their job is to channel/shunt this energy into prescribed paths to render this energy safe and non-threatening to the established order and whenever possible, to serve its interests.

None of these paths are designed to solve problems or improve the plight of humanity. This is by DESIGN.

These priests however, are working with and shaping a real thing, a real energy. The language they use is not void of truth. Its not simply lie built upon lie. Its an architecture of lies constructed to render truth inconsequential. It involves misdirection.

In Organized Religion Life in the World is described as being altogether defective, based on nothing but suffering and ignorance. We must escape and withdraw from it, They preach, to obtain peace. No particular group of elites is responsible for causing opprression, life itself is oppression.

This is the essence of following a PATH.