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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Unblinking realism

This is my philosophy. Few people can fucking handle it. Sucks for them.

Its an optimistic life affirming philosophy, however. It's also very pragmatic. It takes a philosophy of unblinking or "unflinching" realism, to actually diagnose real problems in the world. It also takes unblinking realism to devise and implement solutions.

People fall short of this by deluding themselves in various ways as a form of psychic self protection. Another defense mechanism is dogmatism or groupthink. The idea is to follow various systems of authority instead of seeking to find out the truth for oneself.

That's also known as "giving away ones power" The Stanley Milgram experiments have proven that people readily obey authority to the point of committing murder in order to lighten the burden of responsibility upon themselves.

The Philosophy of Unblinking Realism relinquishes no personal responsibility. To be a Human being is to discern the truth for oneself. Human beings also have free will. Paradoxically, we can therefore choose to give up our birthright of discerning the truth and therefore become something less than human.

The opposite of "unblinking realism" is to become a tool. A tool is an extension of another human being. To be utilitarian to anothers purpose.

That is not my goal.

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