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Friday, September 24, 2010

Types of People behind the WWF and Environmental Movement in general

I was just looking at the page on the 1001 club again on the ISGP website. The 1001 Club is the elite inner circle of the WWF, composed of various Royals and elite billionaires. Most people aren't aware of this and think of the environmental movement as being led by a bunch of left wing hippies. So anyway, I was perusing through there and I saw some really haughty looking German dude with a hot looking wife and googled his name to see what they were up to these days. I wanted to see what info I could find to see what these people were like, to gain some insight into their motives. I found this link off of wikipedia:

Thurn und Taxis family

Pretty breath taking presentation. Analogy:

Wolves were recently reintroduced to Yellowstone. I mean, ten or so years ago. So since then the vegetation has really come back and everything is more in balance. The elk had become over populated and were overgrazing.

Do these royals and elite billionaires see themselves as the Wolves of the Earth? Population control is a top priority of these folks. Royalty goes back to Feudalism which is more or less about Lords living off of herds of domesticated humans working the land.

European Aristocrats have triditionally had large hunting preserves, which allowed wildlife to flourish while keeping the common people out. So it makes sense I guess that they would want to "Thin the herd" and that they would see themselves as having a right to do so.

The hard sell is getting the masses to think of the environmental movement as democratic and egalitarian, you know-something everyone should support. That is where documentarians like Matt Briggs come in.

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