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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How to shoot fish in a barrel

Beyond the fact that these were all innocent civilians, it just strikes me how sophisticated the weaponry is. Or I guess, you could say its not sophisticated enough, or else they would have seen more clearly that the "AK-47's" and "RPG" the soldiers saw were actually cameras. But still its way more advanced than anything the insurgents have. So advanced and overwhelming as to create over-confidence to the point of cockiness. Massive overwhelming fire power at the push of a button, from a detached removed position in the sky.

Maybe we should be thankful that there aren't any wars going on where the great super powers are evenly matched. All modern wars seem to be turkey shoots in third world countries.

My opinion on this is pretty jaded. War is simply reality. I am not anti-war because I am not anti-reality. It is sickening though and there is little that I could call heroic going on over there. Its not a fair fight, but that's probably a blessing. Our mission is pretty unclear at best, sinister at worst.

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