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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Bigfoot is actually people, like you and I, only larger and smellier. They have hair not fur. Their bodies are actually covered in dreadlocks. They have really offensive body odor similar to many large fat people, only worse. Actually they may not be all that much smellier than regular people per se, its just that they are magnified in every aspect. Their feet are bigger they bodies are bigger, and so their stench is bigger. They often have algae growing in their dreadlocks.

They keep warm due to being so large. The matted hair doesn't really provide much insulation. They probably have excellent circulation also with many capilaries near the surface of their skin, especially in their feet, which are always bare.

Like I said they are people. They have a language they speak amongst themselves and very advanced brains like humans. One difference is that they are more in tune with their psychic abilities than most modern humans. That is how they stay hidden. Whenever they are spotted by humans it really freaks and stresses them out. They get emotional. They get really scared and send out really strong fear vibes that the humans that are looking at them pick up on and feel really scared too. This also makes them stink more because adrenaline causes a type of body odor. People that have been in combat are familiar with this smell.

They have very powerful auras and a very strong life force. They are stronger than humans in every way. They are stronger than any other animal in the forest also including grizzly bears.

Male Sasquatches can weigh over a thousand lbs. Vety few grizzlies get that large, the ones that do still shy away from them because Sasquatches match them in strengths and size but far surpass them in intelligence.

Sasquatches are people, but also animals. That is they have animal smarts. Humans, especially modern humans usually have really dim animal smarts. So in this regard Sasquatches are superior to humans in intelligence.

Things are looking kind of grim right now for Sasquatches. They live longer than humans (over a hundred years) but are very few in number. The sightings are actually the same few individuals being seen again and a again. In the last hundred years they have suffered massive habitat destruction.

They have a much healthier immune system than modern humans and also a much more powerful digestive system that allows them to eat more wild foods that modern humans would be unable to digest. They also hunt and eat deer and elk, and occasionally even live stock in remote areas, even roadkill.

If anyone is ever able to shoot and kill a bigfoot they will have a murder on their conscience. They are people.

However that is not likely to happen, as such a person stalking around the forest is unlikely to see one as they will be telegraphing themselves by putting out really negative vibes that the Sasquatches will pick up on.

Gentle nature loving hippy type people commonly see Sasquatch in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. Most people that see one don't tell anyone.

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