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Monday, October 4, 2010

Interesting Facebook discussion regarding "Anarcho-Primitivism as a "descriptive Philosophy" rather than "prescriptive"

Btw, the do see the irony in creating a Facebook page!

I guess that's how I feel about it only I would go a little deeper. That is I feel like a Hunter Gatherer trapped in Technological mass society. I have always felt that way from a young age.

But as far as blowing everything up so that everyone is forced to wear animal skins and hunt with spears again, I soon developed differences with Derrick Jensen et al on that point, while exploring these ideas on my blog.

As far as alternative solutions I got turned on to the writings of Buckminster Fuller at some point, also, I actually do like a lot of things about the whole "Green blah blah blah" movement, "sustainable development" etc. even though a lot of it is phony and has been hijacked by Corporate Capitalist marketing departments. Also it doesn't address a lot of systemic problems. Evenso its hard to criticize people for at least making an effort

But I just keep coming back, to feeling like a hunter gather and wanting to return to the wild while living in (and struggling to get by in) this modern world.

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