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Monday, October 11, 2010

More on the minds of elites

Just to bring some things into focus. I believe that "The Power Elite" "The Oligarchs" "Aristocracy" are basically genetic psychopaths with High IQ's. How they have shaped themselves into a specific sub population of the human race over the centuries, could perhaps be replicated in some type of twisted scientific experiment conducted among prison populations.

Most prisoners are idiots. Literally. The mean IQ in any given prison population is around 60.

If you were to somehow glean from all the worlds Prisons a group of (psychopathic)individuals with high IQ's and breed them to equally psychopathic, grasping, socially climbing women, you would have the basic building blocks of a population very similar to the Global Elite.

There is one more selection criteria you would have to subject them to however. You would have to set up a series of tournaments involving the game Risk

The losers would be eliminated from the gene pool, i.e. killed, and the winners would be given massive amounts of wealth and power.

You would arrive at a group of formidable inbred psychopaths, capable of highly sophisticated strategic thinking. They would in a sense be almost robotic in the cold calculating nature of their minds, they might even seem to some to be almost alien or reptilian in some way, so bereft they would be of normal human sentiments and warmth.

Psychopaths are narcissistically egocentric and live in a dead, mechanical quasi solipsistic Universe. I say quasi, here, because the most intelligent psychopaths have advanced "theories of mind" that take into account the minds and motives of other human beings. They are not autistic.

According to this research:
Political Ponerology

Psychopaths may all be slightly below average in intelligence. I am not sure if I agree with that or not. In anycase, I believe high level psychopaths may have a knack for manipulating people more intelligent than they such as scientists, researchers, intelligence analysts and people in Think Tanks.

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