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Monday, October 11, 2010

My Dilemma

I am a broke idiot nobody. Ironically, I understand politics. Most people don't. Most people are apparently dumber than I am. How can there be any hope in the World?

Couple ideas(why the situation may not be as bleak as I think):

I am a big Picture Thinker. Many people are specialists, who may actually have a high level of proficiency/competency in their sphere of influence. They are able to be happy, and fulfilled in their work and fairly well compensated while remaining woefully ignorant as to how the world actually works.

Also Perhaps knowing a lot actually makes it harder for me to make decisions. That could be part of my problem.

But anyway here it goes a short summary on the way the world works:

The World is ruled by a global Cabal of Oligarchs who control the world, Feudal style, through the Banking System. This system has many institutional antecedents, basically this is the structure of all Empires past and present. Its just that the present one has undergone some modifications.

Basically its become more or less invisible. Its based in the West among Western nations who believe they are democracies. So that is why its invisible.

Its not a Democratic Empire, rather it functions while being totally insulated from the democratic process.

The masses turn on the T.V, and see Barrack Obama addressing the nation and say "Ah, Look, The democratically elected leader of the Free World." and then they flip the channel to "Jersey Shore" and return to their stupefied, fast food induced waking slumber.

The thing is Barrack Obama has absolutely no power. He is a hired hand. A spokesperson. That's all. Barrack Obama probably knows this. In the past there have been presidents such as Richard Nixon, who were serious Narcissistic head cases. They deluded themselves into thinking they had power, even though they really didn't. But all the most recent Presidents starting with Ronald Reagan understood the limited scope of their power.

All Power rests in the Banks, the Corporations and the Military, in (roughly) that order. The Most powerful organizations are not Public Institutions but private ones.

Centuries ago, there were all these Warring Barbarians, building Kingdoms and fighting each other. Every once in a while A group of Barbarians would really get their shit together and take over a huge piece of land. Then they would have an Empire. Everyone had to pay taxes to them. Everyone knew it was because they just got their asses kicked by the barbarians. It was no secret. The idea was the barbarians could have killed everyone in the land if they had wanted to. But instead they decided to let everyone live. So the agreement was to pay these guys so they will be happy and not kill you.

Eventually these Barbarians became known as Royalty. Over the years, some people got pissed off about society being ordered in this way. Why should a parasitic upper class get fat off the labor of hard working peasants? So there would be revolutions.

Fast Forward a bunch of years past the industrial revolution etc. and you have The United States of America, being an "experiment in Democracy" We supposedly don't have Royalty but only democratically elected representative government with all these "checks and balances" blah blah blah.

really, what happened is these same Barbarians are running the show now. They just quietly took over, over the course of a few decades.

In a way you have to hand it to them. They are smart. You see, its not easy being a Barbarian. At least at one time it wasn't. It was a hard life for many years, always fighting and murdering, raping and pillaging. But over the years they have become much more genteel.

They built all these machines basically that do most of their work for them. One such machine is called "The Corporation" another machine is called "The Nation State" These machines function in such a way as to siphon wealth and power, away from the Earth and from the Common people to themselves.

All while making it look as though something else entirely was happening instead.

A lot of these Motherfuckers are actually the direct descendants of the Same Barbarians that ruled Europe during the middle ages. A lot have researchers have made some very fanciful speculations about this, saying that they are really space Aliens or Lizards, or fallen angels.

I tend to think that either there is nothing special in particular about these peoples DNA or else all it is is that they are a special sub population of the human race that has begun to diverge and evolve differently than the rest of the human population.

I think basically what you have are some criminally minded people, that are more intelligent and sophisticated than most criminals. I think it is due to a type of selection. For example, Greyhounds are a breed of dog that has been artificially selected over many generations to run fast.

Aristocrats are a population that has been in the game of power and political intrigue for as many generations as greyhounds have been chasing electric rabbits, and more.

They started out as a bunch of bearded, beer swilling, animal fur wearing, sword wielding pirates, and are now a group of very refined, wine tasting, seemingly effete sophisticates.

But scratch a little below the surface and the old barbarian blood shows itself, freely. Especially when you take into account all the murders and assassinations that follow them around like the wake from one of their billion dollar Yachts.

You see if it were easy to be an Oligarch everyone would be doing it! There are scores of thugs, lined up for miles ready to take their place should they fall.

They have been at it for a long time. They know how to play the game. They play it at a very high level and they play for keeps. This is why we have nuclear weapons. That is an invention that springs straight from the barbarian mind. "If we had wanted to we could have killed everybody. But we decided out of the goodness of our hearts, to let you live. So now you must pay us tribute."

That, my friend is the how the world works.

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