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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


All this info is available on the internet. Its not opinion. its FACT. If you go up high enough into the Buddhist Hierarchy it all comes down to raping little girls. That's what it ALWAYS COMES DOWN TO with these religious hierarchies. That is what TANTRA is. Converting eroticism into POWER. Its RAPE plain and simple.

These people are all vampires. They feed on your SOUL ENERGY. Have you taken vows? If not, seriously, DON'T DO IT. Its the Vampires bite. It will create a psychic link between you and these vampires.

Don't take my word for it. Research it your self:

The raping of little girls by Tibetan Lamas:

“In the rite of ‘virgin-worship’ (kumari-puja)”, writes Benjamin Walker, “a girl is selected and trained for initiation, and innocent of her impending fate is brought before the altar and worshipped in the nude, and then deflowered by a guru or chela” (Walker, 1982, p. 72). It was not just the Hindu tantrics who practiced rituals with a kumari, but also the Tibetans, in any case the Grand Abbot of the Sakyapa Sect, even though he was married.

On a numerological basis twelve- or sixteen-year-old girls are preferred. Only when none can be found does Tsongkhapa recommend the use of a twenty-year-old. There is also a table of correspondences between the various ages and the elements and senses: an 11-year-old represents the air, a 12-year-old fire, a 13-year-old water, a 14-year-old earth, a15-year-old sound, a 16-year-old the sense of touch, a 17-year-old taste, an 18-year-old shape or form, and a 20-year-old the sense of smell (Naropa, 1994, p. 189).

Source: The Tantric Female Sacrifice

How 1950's Tibet was a Corrupt Mideival Oligarchy, with serfs slavery, torture, dispicable poverty and servitude etc. :

Drepung monastery was one of the biggest landowners in the world, with its 185 manors, 25,000 serfs, 300 great pastures, and 16,000 herdsmen. The wealth of the monasteries rested in the hands of small numbers of high-ranking lamas. Most ordinary monks lived modestly and had no direct access to great wealth. The Dalai Lama himself “lived richly in the 1000-room, 14-story Potala Palace.” 11

Secular leaders also did well. A notable example was the commander-in-chief of the Tibetan army, a member of the Dalai Lama’s lay Cabinet, who owned 4,000 square kilometers of land and 3,500 serfs. 12 Old Tibet has been misrepresented by some Western admirers as “a nation that required no police force because its people voluntarily observed the laws of karma.” 13 In fact. it had a professional army, albeit a small one, that served mainly as a gendarmerie for the landlords to keep order, protect their property, and hunt down runaway serfs.

Young Tibetan boys were regularly taken from their peasant families and brought into the monasteries to be trained as monks. Once there, they were bonded for life. Tashì-Tsering, a monk, reports that it was common for peasant children to be sexually mistreated in the monasteries. He himself was a victim of repeated rape, beginning at age nine. 14 The monastic estates also conscripted children for lifelong servitude as domestics, dance performers, and soldiers.

In old Tibet there were small numbers of farmers who subsisted as a kind of free peasantry, and perhaps an additional 10,000 people who composed the “middle-class” families of merchants, shopkeepers, and small traders. Thousands of others were beggars. There also were slaves, usually domestic servants, who owned nothing. Their offspring were born into slavery. 15 The majority of the rural population were serfs. Treated little better than slaves, the serfs went without schooling or medical care, They were under a lifetime bond to work the lord's land--or the monastery’s land--without pay, to repair the lord's houses, transport his crops, and collect his firewood. They were also expected to provide carrying animals and transportation on demand.16 Their masters told them what crops to grow and what animals to raise. They could not get married without the consent of their lord or lama. And they might easily be separated from their families should their owners lease them out to work in a distant location. 17

Source: The Tibet Myth

Here is the best site, on why Heierarchical Spiritual Organizations are inherently corrupt:


But Hell, I just started with Wikipedia:

shambala buddhism

Thats where the trail started that led to all the corruption at the top. The alcaholic womanizng Lama Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, with the $40,000 a year coke habit and his HIV positive successor who continued to have sex with his male desciples even after knowing he was HIV positive because he felt that a Guru is without sin and the victims only got AIDS due to bad Karma and their part.

NONE of this is OPINION.

This takes nothing away from meditating and Spiritual practice. in fact that's the point, we can do all this stuff without the 'help" of these SPIRITUAL VAMPIRES.

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