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Friday, March 19, 2010

Case in Point

Pretty much, I left Alaska for Seattle, because of the whole rednecky vibe of Alaska. Thats the culture that dominates out there. Its a bunch of drunk rednecks with guns and like six junked cars on their land in front of their residence. They enjoy the outdoors not so much as nature lovers but in the sense of shooting everything. They are a noisy bunch always shooting guns and running chainsaws and loud atvs and snow mobiles. They love to tear shit up, cut down trees and move dirt. They hate the indians for the the most part.

That's pretty much the typical rural Alaskan.

So I think thats a case in point. Here is the most extreme place to live in America in terms of survival and its dominated by rednecks. They even wear cowboy hats and listen to Country music.

All the shit you see on the Travel Channel is a fiction. The reality is that its a bunch of rednecks, for the most part with redneck values.

I have a grudging respect for these people, but I am not one of them. So that's basically why I left for Seattle.

In Seattle there is much more opportunity for "cultural enrichment" Art, ethnic food, Indy movies and Music etc. which I value.

I mean I am exagerating to make a point to the point of being insulting. I admit that. But the fact remains rednecks are a lot more durable a segment of the population in terms of a "crash" or whatever than some Indy dude with a piercing on his dick that knows all about Camus and Nihilism and existentialism and maybe how to play the guitar and beyond that not much else. Even though this guy might be more informed about "peak oil" and so fortth, ironically he has no channce of surviving it. Rednecks, more or less ignorant of these complex social factors probably will.

Thats the way I see it

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