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Friday, March 19, 2010

If the Shit Ever Hit the Fan

Looking around, I kind of feel like I know who would survive. Its guys like this:
Picture a guy that grew up on a Farm, or something like that, and now owns a Construction Business. He enjoys hunting and Fishing in his free time and owns a lot of guns. He is considered an alpha male in his little circle with people relying on him, close family, relatives, employees. He is a leader and knows math and basically how things work. He is a generalist. Politically a bit conservative, maybe even a bit of a bigot. That's not his public face, but deep down he's a bit of a bigot.

The fact that he owns so many guns reveals much about his politicl outlook.

So when the shit hits the fan, people like this are going to be in charge a lot more. They already know how to negotiate with government, police, etc. Other business owners, because that is what they do. These are skills you need to be a successful business owner. They are connected through various relationships to other people that know how to do things also, Redneck type people that fix shit for a living.

So if society breaks down and you get a bunch of black people and minorities running around in the streets, looting, this thin vaneer of sociability is going to go away fast. The gloves are going to come off. They will be shot dead in the street.

Even if urban gangs hold sway for a while, eventually they will systematically be destroyed. Because in essence they are parasites. They sell drugs, basically. That is their sole livlihood.

So if people have to go back to hunting and farming for a living, the people in charge are going to be Rural White people that already know how to hunt, fish and farm and build and fix things. They are going to form into tight knit communities and a lot of slack is going to be removed from the system.

Picture going to a lake to fish and being met by Armed white dudes, telling you to fuck off, this is their lake. That's what it will be like. You will have a male dominated society once again. It will be like the Wild west, everyone travelling with guns. Unlike the Wild West, there will be lots more people.

What I call "slack" are all these elements that are considered "social" The types of sentiments Sociology and Humanities majors value. Diversity, multiculturalism, Art and literature, Liberal Urban culture, basically.

Picture some queer androgynous looking college students, with tattoos and piercings, walking around filled with ennui and contempt for mainstream society spouting philosophy and constantly listening to endless varieties of music.

When the shit hits the fan these people will become extinct. They are a decadent form of humanity. Same thing with many more mainstream looking professional yuppie types. Anyone with an office job: dead. Anyone that relies on public assistance: dead.

Unless they can adapt.

But the people in the best position to adapt are the people that resemble most an earlier stage of Civilization. Rural people that own guns and know how to work with their hands, Farm, hunt and fish. Also these people that have values of being suspicious of outsiders. So when resources get so limited that they haver to choose who to help and who to turn away they won't waste time deciding. They will help people just like them. People they already know.

Possibly there will be little enclaves in various areas of more self sufficiient type immigrants Like Asians, because they too have values that hearken back to an ealier closer to the brass tacks form of existence. The southwest will probably be dominated by enclaves of Mexicans.

And probably in the South there will be enclaves of rural blacks. I think Black Churches will exponentially become more important to blacks. That's the only hope they will have really, organizing through their Churches.

But Liberal Urban culture will be gone Because its too far removed from bare bones survival. Its all based on seeking novelty. Its slack. Its extra. These environments are created in times of prosperity. Its all fluff. Its a segment of society that exerts a lot of influence on America as a whole, but only goes so deep. Its all very ephemeral, though, like fog.

When the fog dissipates it reveals a more concrete reality. Armed rednecks. That's who settled America. That's who killed or drove off the Indians. That's who settled the frontier and established farms and built the infrastructure.

There is a Foundation stretching all across the country, a bedrock, of these type of people, and over this foundation is built this massive decadent superstructure.

Stripping away the superstructure reveals the bedrock.

I'm not saying its good. I'm not saying its bad. But that's how I see it going down. Personally, I can't relate to rednecks. I don't like country music, I'm not handy. I don't hunt and fish much. In theory I support hunting and fishing, but I relate more to the REI crowd than the Cabellas crowd.

Go into a Cabellas sometime and feel the vibe. Look at all the dead animals on the wall, look at all the trucks out in the parking lots. Look at all the guns. There is a specific vibe there. There is a particular flavor or people there, that are all over the country and all over the country they have this same flavor.

Its a very masculine flavor. Not very intellectual, not very touchy feely, pretty conservative. You know the type I am talking about.

I see them surviving. I see them surviving because they are a stable rather than chaotic system they way I look at them.

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