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Friday, March 19, 2010

What is a Redneck?

Basically they are the descendants of the Scots Irish. Which appear to be the original blueprint of what Army Officers of the British Empire came to refer to as Martial Races

Here are some articles about this ethnic group and the significant inflence its had on American culture Wikipedia entry on the Scots Irish

Born Fighting. How the Scots Irish shaped America

These are the people who for the most part all supported the American Revolution, killed off the Indians and settled the Appalachians, and the Frontier, fought bravely in two world wars and worked as laborers in the industrial revolution.

Their ethnic character was shaped by living in a state of continual warfare in the border region of Scotland.

I would say most of them vote Republican today, the guy that wrote the book though is a democrat. They are Republican because they value individualism. Many today may be so called working class, but they are never going to become aligned with socialism, because they aren't collectivists.

Be that as it may there is a long history of the British manipulating these folks and maintaining the upper hand.

Arguably they are being manipulated even more today, because "The British" for all intents and Purposes have retaken America, through the Federal Reserve system, and the Corporate Capitalist Military Indistrial Complex.

18 year old Rednecks just love to join the fucking army and thus directly support the Empire their ancestors fought to become independant from.

Still though you gotta respect them for how they are able to survive. They are a hardy bunch.

Another interesting article: The Scotch Irish Vote

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