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Friday, March 12, 2010

No such thing as enlightenment

What I mean is, There could be such a thing, in the sense that perhaps "enlightenment" could be described as the cause of people being kind to each other and making wise decisions. So in that case it might be rare, but its not that rare.

Its definately not something you can buy. But there sure are enough people selling it. Its the perfect con really. Lots of people want it. You can't really describe what it is, supposedly, because its beyond words. So how do you get it? You make yourself subservient to one of these gurus, do whatever they ask of you, even if they ask you to give up your ass, and they will tell you when you have gotten there. Its not up to you apparently. Only they know.

So imagine you are the Guru. You have something to sell, and the way people buy it is by paying you for them to be allowed the privelege of worshipping you. Pretty good deal, eh? Yeah, if you are a psychopath.

I think what happens though, is the way this stuff gets passed on, is that One con artist recognizes another and teaches him the con. That's the foundation of these "lineages."

People just keep sucking it up. Even after these Gurus get exposed. They don't want to let go of their image that these people were enlightened beings. You're Guru died of cerrosis. He had alcaholic dimentia before he died and a serious cocaine habit. He sexually assaulted people.

"Well, that's just crazy wisdom! You can't judge his actions unless you have his mind.

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