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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So what is the point of becoming extinct anyway?

I mean everyone must die eventually. So if you extrapolate this in terms of the individual living not only one mortal lifespan of 70 years or so but hundreds or even thousands of incarnations, of this soul, or whatever it is, that passes from life to life, then it, too must eventually die.

So I suppose that makes sense, but why? Why become extinct rather than live forever?

You would have to come to the conclusion that the sin qua non of individual existence is only suffering and nothing else.

So then I guess you would have to conclude that the only way out is to become extinct and to cease to be an individual altogether.

You would have to have the distinct impression that there is nothing left to seek, nothing will give you joy or fulfillment.

Are you a Buddhist? Is this your position? That there is nothing in life that will satisfy you? That there is nothing to accomplish, nothing to experience, except complete annihilation?

I also understand that there is this underlying conviction of panpsychism, or whatever, the idea that we are all part of this eternal ground of being. So it would be a return to that.

But still “you” would no longer exist. You would be shapeless and formless and void.

Anyway, sometimes I feel Like I am anchored somehow to this still point. Like I am on a tether, I can’t get away, I can only go around and around in a circle and as I wind around and around the chord gets shorter and shorter until I am forced into it.

As far as running toward this experience, or patiently seeking it through extreme self discipline, I can’t imagine doing that.

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