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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Why hot women often hook up with assholes

Here it is, dude. Its the same reason you might overeat, neglect going to the Gym, spend too much money, spend to much time playing video games, drink too much, smoke too many cigarettes. Its simply a bad habit. Its a self destructive tendency.

To a guy, sex is a goal to work toward. To an attractive woman its often simply something one gives into in a moment of weakness.

Assholes are out there, they aren't afraid to ask women out, and so they tap into this self destructive tendency in women. All this other stuff about Alpha males is all bullshit. Its simply a character weakness hot women often have. Hot looking women are human beings. All human beings have weaknesses.

As far as becoming an asshole as a strategy to get women, it may work. But ask yourself this: Do you really want to be a force in an attractive woman's life, that holds her back? Do you really want to be somebody's bad habit?

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