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Saturday, August 28, 2010


I'm pro-evolution. Evolutionary changes is a gamble, though, so that is why there is conservatism. A lot of snarky Liberals that call themselves "Progressives" call everyone who disagrees with them "regressive" or better yet "regressivist" just to sound even more pointy headed and academic. That's silly. I mean say we all evolved from fish. Okay?

So our ancestors split off from fish and some of the fish stayed fish. So does that make all fish "Regressivist?" No. They are conservative. They are holding steady.

Conservatism is why there are still coelacanths around. Coelacanths are conservative.

Chimpanzees are conservative. We are descended from the progressives.

There is such a thing as "fundamentalism" and I would say that is regressive. Becauae it hearkens back to a fictitious "Golden Age" of the past, that never really existed.

It's dogmatic and sees all truth as having been revealed already and sees any divergence from that as sin and heresy. So, yeah, that's Regressivist. That's anti-evolutionary. Especially the Apocalyptic ones that look forward to Annihilation.

But possibly its good to have these Regressivist tendencies in Society for balance and to create a dialectic. Maybe its some type of catalyst. I dunno.

But anyway, I'm for evolution. I am for trying new things in order to improve things. I like new cutting edge ideas, heresies and transgressions. I like to be at the epicenter of what is going on in the World. that is why I prefer to live on the West Coast.

I have been conservative in the past. I have been a fundamentalist. I also think that ecologists are becoming increasingly more conservative. Maybe they will even become a new species of Fundamentalist eventually. Especially the radicals, Green anarchists etc.

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